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Wallpaper Removal  
by Jose's Painting and Handyman Services




Surface Protection


Before removing wallpaper, any surfaces that are not being painted are always covered and protected. Additional precautions are taken to protect the surroundings from dust and paint odors. When working inside, all furniture and floors are covered and protected with plastic and clean canvas tarps. 


Wallpaper and adhesive Removal


Jose's Painting and Handyman Services uses a combination of liquid paper removers and electric steamers to safely remove wallpaper.  Most wallpapers will reveal a messy adhesive that remains after the paper is removed.  We apply our professional techniques to remove that adhesive, not just paint over it.  This will result in a smoother finished product.  During our years of experience removing paper, we have been challenged with some tough jobs, for example... 3 or more coats of wallpaper with layers of paint hidden in between.  We have never been faced with a challenge that we couldn't solve in a professional manner.  


Dust-Free Vacuum Sanding


After removing the wallpaper and adhesive, some rough areas may remain. In this case, Jose's Painting and Handyman Services uses a  Dust-less Vacuum Sander, which extracts dust down to 0.3 microns. The result is a safe, dust-free home and a beautiful, long-lasting finished product.


Primer Selection


If bare plaster is discovered under the wallpaper, you must use the appropriate primer.  Jose's Painting and Handyman Services Painting never cuts corners by using a "paint and primer in one" product, as advertised on television.  A quality job always consists of one coat of primer and 2 finish coats.  If water stains are discovered under the wallpaper, an oil-based stain killing primer is used, to prevent the stain from bleeding through the topcoat.  Primer is an essential part of the painting process. If a surface is primed improperly, it will most likely result in paint failure. Jose's Painting and Handyman Services uses the appropriate latex or oil-based primer for each surface.

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